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Three years ago, I photographed this family for the very first time. Nadia was just a teeny tiny baby, right around the same age her little brother is here. It’s been a privilege to document these milestones over the years!

We started with a quick studio session before heading outdoors for s sunset session. These were my absolute favorites! This first one reminded us all of the Mona Lisa! Do you see it?
And here’s sweet Joaquin. Still too young to hold himself up, but that’s what dad’s are for!

I love the connection between mom and son in this next one! Who says 3 month olds can’t be swaddled?


Now for some outdoor photos!


It was such an incredible set of sessions. I can’t wait to continue to watch this sweet family evolve and grow!


Gaby Chung Photography is a Glendora-based portrait studio specializing in newborn photography, child photography, and family photography.  GCP works in Glendora, Los Angeles county, and all over Southern California.
If you’re interested in your own family portrait session with Glendora Family Photographer Gaby Chung, contact GCP today! or call the studio at (323) 945-3327.

This morning, like every morning, I browsed through facebook and saw a post on a mom’s group where a mom-to-be was looking for a professional photographer. I’m often tagged in these posts. They’re always the same…”looking for a professional to take pictures, reasonably priced” or “need someone to take newborn pictures, budget is $100.” But this one was different. She went on a rant about how exorbitantly priced newborn portraiture is, and how she’s shocked artists charge what they do, implying that they don’t deserve to earn that kind of money because they didn’t go to grad school (which in fact, I did!). Now, I don’t normally comment on these posts. But this time, I simply wanted to educate her. I just wanted her to try to see it from a photographer’s perspective.
This is what I said:

“There’s an art to newborn photography and all good photography, really. It’s not just the photo session that you’re paying for. It’s the hours spent before, designing a session tailored to your vision. Then comes the 4-hour session where your baby is patiently lulled to sleep and safely posed by a trained professional. Later, there’s about 10+ hours of culling, editing, and prepping those images for the big reveal. Then, it’s the time and energy spent with you choosing the perfect heirloom art pieces for your home and to pass down to your children when they’re older. The photographer still has to spend more time preparing the files to ensure they’re perfect when printed out on archival materials to the requested size.

Artists don’t pocket all that money. And because they’re self-employed and have to pay tons of taxes, about 1/3 of profits (yes, that’s AFTER we pay for your products) automatically go to Uncle Sam. Then there are all the costs of running a business–liability, equipment, and health insurance, subscriptions to software, professional dues, maintaining and replacing thousands of dollars worth of equipment, backing up files so your memories are never lost, etc. I want you to remember that you’re not paying for the files “that cost nothing” or the 8×10 that costs $5-10 to produce. You’re paying for years of experience and expertise. You’re paying for the very best portraits of this little person who’s going to change your life forever.


There’s a huge difference between a professional artist and a hospital/ picture people employee/$100-for-the-CD photographer. But if you can’t see that difference, then by all means, go that route.


I don’t usually comment on these posts, but I hear this all the time. It pains me to see how little people value art anymore. I’ll leave you with something to think about. In 30 years, the professionally printed portraits of your children will probably be one of your most valuable possessions. If that’s not worth more than $500, I don’t know what is.”


You can guess what happened. My words fell on deaf ears.  Sometimes people are not interested in seeing it from a different perspective.  But on the brighter side, many other moms supported my sentiments (and those of many Los Angeles photographers who commented). It’s always nice to know that there are some people who still value beautiful portraits of their loved ones. These are my clients and I will continue to offer them the once in a lifetime opportunity to artfully capture a time that will never come again.

For the first time ever, I entered a photo competition.  But it wasn’t just any ol’ competition, it was THE biggest international photography competition for professionals. And I’m so please to share that my image was awarded a merit!!  This is huge news and I’m so excited that a panel of jurors selected my work as a top photograph.  My photo will be displayed at the International Photographic Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee this coming February.  The full press release is below!

This is the photo, “A Morning Stroll.”  It’s also one of my favorite images.

IPC Merit winner


Local Photographer’s Work Goes to International Exhibition  

Gaby Chung of Gaby Chung Photography is honored by peers and jurors for high-quality photography.

San Dimas, CA 09/01/2014—A photograph created by Gaby Chung of Gaby Chung Photography in San Dimas has recently been accepted into the General Collection of Professional Photographers of America’s 2014 International Photographic Competition. Chung’s work will be on display at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee Feb. 1-3, 2015. This International Photographic Exhibition is held in conjunction with Imaging USA, an annual convention and expo for professional photographers and several photographic associations.

A panel of 45 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top photographs from nearly 5,000 total submitted entries at Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia. Judged against a standard of excellence, just over 1,800 images were selected for the General Collection.

Titled “A Morning Stroll,” Chung’s photograph will be in the International Photographic Exhibition alongside other top photographic works from the competition and traveling and special invitational displays. These images constitute one of the world’s largest annual exhibits of professional photography gathered simultaneously under one roof.

About PPA: 
Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the largest international non-profit association created by professional photographers, for professional photographers. Almost as long-lived as photography itself, PPA has roots that date back to 1869. It assists more than 27,000 members through protection, education and resources for their continued success. See how PPA helps photographers be more at

Photographing baby Dane for the second time was so much fun. This little man is now 4 months old and he gave me SO many expressions. His little grimaces were adorable. But the best part, he fell asleep mid-session! When it’s time, it’s time, and there’s nothing better than a sleeping baby.


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